AF3 Project Results

In this section other results obtained from the members of AF3 project are reported.


Pre-final firefighting trials in Greece

Pre-final real firefighting trial carried out in Greece, flown by HMOD firefighting airplane CL-215 & CL-415/helicopters to assess use of the AF3 advanced firefighting capabilities on real fire. During this test, UAV and other airborne platforms will demonstrate fire detection and monitoring capabilities. The efficiency of the operation will be compared to existing and conventional methods of fire extinguishing. 

The exercise will take place from May 28 to June 2, in the Naval Base of Skaramagka (NW of Athens). The considered area is mostly covered by forest with large terrain variations which affect its micro-climate. It borders on the North with the storage facilities of the Hellenic Petreleum oil plant (refineries), on the South with the municipality of Perama, on the West with the sea and on the East with the “Shisto” highway.

In its approximately 1.500 acres (607 ha) are sited: a 1.200 acres (485 ha) forest, crucial storage facilities, costal navy facilities, Hellenic Navy Petty Officers Academy facilities, which accommodate approximately 500 students.

A more detailed description is reported in the presentation at the link below:



People Evacuation Test

On November 28, an evacuation test at a urban scale has been co-organized by the City of Gualdo Tadino and the Italian Fire Brigades (Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco).

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