AF3 – Advanced Forest Fire Fighting



AF3 (Advanced Forest Fire Fighting- Grant Agreement n° 607276) is a 7th Framework Programme collaborative project funded by the European Commission within the theme SEC-2013.4.1-6  Preparedness for and management of large scale forest fires.


AF3 intends to improve the efficiency of current fire-fighting operations and the protection of human lives, the environment and property by developing innovative technologies to ensure the integration between existing and new systems. Moreover, AF3 will contribute to increase the interoperability of fire-fighting means and to pave the way for industrialization of such solutions. To reach this objective, the AF3 project focuses on innovative active and passive countermeasures, early detection and monitoring, integrated crisis management and advanced public information channels.

The project started on May 2014 and is carried out by a consortium of 20 members from 10 Countries.


28 /07/2016


The AF3 Conference & Summer School on Forest Fire Management will take place on 20-22 September 2016 in Rome, Italy. The event is targeted at the operators involved in forest fires and has the following goals:
1) To Provide an overview of recent research and trends on forest fire management, particularly with respect to forest fire behaviour, fire detection, risks for the operators, innovation in firefighting techniques;
2) To explain and demonstrate the approaches developed in the European FP7 Project AF3 in order to improve the current state of art;
3) To provide the forest fire operators the opportunity of using the AF3 Core Expert Engine, which is a software system for the coordination of fire-fighting missions.The AF3 Summer School


For AF3 Summer School details please download the flyer following the link below:

Download Flyer AF3 Summer School 

Registration is free. It should be performed by sending an email to indicating name, affiliation and phone number.


26 /07/2016

The pre-final real firefighting trial took place out in Greece from May 28 to June 2, in the Naval Base of Skaramagka (NW of Athens). Results will be available soon.